Making Sole From Nothing at All

The last step in a customer's DIY cabin sole replacement was this section of removable flooring in front of the V berth. Just buying a new sheet of Teak and Holly ply would work but a new sheet is $250 and this only needed around a quarter sheet so I got creative and cut scrap pieces to fit.

It looks like just two pieces of ply cover the surface but there are actually seven pieces. The picture annotated with red lines shows the approximate locations of the seams. 

The trim is solid Mahogany and was left unbunged until final fitting. The bit of trim that is part of the sole was added because there wasn't enough ply to work with. A mistake or two and this project would not have worked out. A Mahogany strip could also have been inlaid at the obvious seam for a more finished look but the customer was happy with the result as is.